Price List

See also the Servicing page for our complete servicing packages.

Service Price
Puncture repair including inner tube from £15.00
Puncture repair with hub gear rear wheel £22.00
Wheel true, per wheel from £15.00
Hub service, per wheel £25.00
Wheel build, per wheel (not including the spokes) from £30.00
Brake pad replacement, per wheel £10.00
Disc brake service from £25.00
Brake bleed £15.00
Gear adjustment £15.00
Fit chain and cassette £30.00
Fit bottom bracket £30.00
Headset service £25.00
Headset replacement £25.00
Brake/gear cable replacement (per cable) £15.00
Fork fitting £30.00
Build bike from a box £40.00 starting from.
Bike wash £20.00
Fit bar tape (free if we supply) £10.00