Beyond the sheer quality of the materials and the unique elegance of KASK design, KASK safety helmets for outdoor sports grant athletes the priceless freedom in knowing that they are protected. KASK’s perfectly ergonomic helmets, produced entirely in Italy, were developed to fit the needs of world’s top athletes, and therefore they ensure the wearer unparalleled comfort even in the most rigorous circumstances.

KASK helmets owe their unique qualities to the genius of the integrated structure system developed by KASK team, which combines the greatest level of protection with the lightest possible mass of the helmet to ensure comfort and safety for the wearer. KASK quality is a guarantee as a result of many carefully monitored safety tests and innovative technologies used in the designing of the helmets.

All KASK products are 100% made in Italy and passed through the most rigorous safety and quality tests of the KASK’s distinctive CSD Project – ComfortSafetyDesign



The Proviz REFLECT360 gilet is the first fully reflective gilet designed for cycling, running and other outdoor uses. The gilet is designed to help you stand out at night on the roads as well as be a functional and comfortable item for you to use when out exercising. The REFLECT360 gilet will keep the wind out during the colder months yet the perforated back mesh will help the extra heat escape.

About the fabric: The fabric used for the REFLECT360 range is highly technical. During daylight it is a modest grey colour. At night, when the fabric picks up an external light source, eg vehicle headlights, it gives ‘astonishing reflectivity’.

The material is CE EN 20471 certified.


Buff®, the original multifunctional headwear. Once upon a time there was a keen off-road trials motorcyclist from Spain, who realised there was a need for a multifunctional garment that could be worn on and around his head while out riding in any and all conditions. Having worked in the textile industry for over 25 years manufacturing knitted collars and cuffs for the most popular football shirt brands in Europe, Juan Rojas set about creating a functional garment that could be worn in all manner of ways, replacing the need for separate items of head and neck wear.

Buff® headwear and has since become popular with millions of outdoor enthusiasts who benefit from its versatility: the garment has multiple uses and can be worn as a scarf, bandanna, headband, hat, facemask or wristband. Put simply: Buff® headwear is uniquely versatile, designed to achieve a high level of comfort and protection from the elements, WITH FUN!

Lights, Pumps, bottlecages and essentials

Water bottles, bottlecages & hydration

What you need we have! Water bottles, water bottle cages and yes, the hydration and electrolytes to go in them.

Come in and check out our full SIS range in store.

Saddle bags, back racks and baskets

Saddle bags, back racks and baskets, minimal, light and tidy, for training rides, and the strong and tough for those weeks away touring, Senova Cycles can set your bike up perfectly, catering for your individual riding style.

You want it, you need it. We have it, or we can get it, we strive to provide you with a bespoke service that understands your requirements.

Pumps & tyres

Pumps GREAT and small, Birzman and Bontrager. Track pumps and pocket rockets, we aim to keep you inflated both nutritionally and on your two wheels.

Bike lights

Whether you want to be seen or see, from little Bontrager Embers, the ever powerful Ion 700, to the classic and traditional Bobbin lights we have, you lite up when it comes to bike lights.


If you want to stand out in the peloton or just look super stylish, you can customise your ride with our wide range of Bartape Cinelli, Debo, you can choose from Kaliedoscope to zebra skin.