Cycle scheme


It couldn’t be easier to get a new bike through Cyclescheme.

Five easy steps to happiness…

  1. Pop in and choose the bike you want. We then provide you with a Quotation Form that you take in to your employer.

  2. You will then be issued with a Redemption Code on a Certificate. This normally takes about seven days and in some cases less. The people at Cyclescheme know you want your new bike ASAP.

  3. Bring the Redemption Code and Certificate back to us at Senova Cycles, and we will order your bike in the correct size and model.

  4. Your bike will normally take 2-4 days to arrive and for Erol to build it and set it up for you.

  5. We will call you to let you know it’s ready, you cycle away – happy!

Follow the link below to see what savings you could make.