Cycle fitting

Cycle Fitting

“More comfort, more speed, more efficiency, more enjoyment”
– the Senova Cycles mantra

Why have a professional bike fit?

Optimum pedalling, efficiency, comfort over longer distances and injury prevention are reason enough to consider a professional bike fitting. Perhaps you are thinking about purchasing a new bike, and want to ensure it will fit perfectly and not cause any discomfort.

Every body is different and to that end your bike should fit you and not the other way round. The dynamic relationship between you and your bicycle – your position on the bike – determines your comfort, speed, efficiency and ultimately performance. An ‘off the peg’ bicycle can always be adjusted to suit your own particular biomechanical dimensions.

A bicycle that has been optimised to fit you will inspire confidence on fast downhill descents and be beautifully balanced in cornering. There should be no undue stress placed upon your muscles to hold your position. The raison d’etre of the professional fitter is to enable you to experience the feeling of being at one with your bicycle whilst having complete control and confidence to push your limits. Allez! Allez!


Senova Cycles is proud to have partnered with Dean Taylor of Fit-me-up cycle fitting. Dean is an accredited master fitter and chartered physiotherapist. His fitting studio is located a few doors away. Dean uses the three-dimensional dynamic Retül fitting system as well as providing saddle pressure mapping, bike fit foot/cleat assessment, and a Wattbike for pedalling analysis. I have been lucky to work with some great bike fitters and can honestly say that Dean has the skill, knowledge and equipment to improve your cycling.

What is Retül 3D bike fitting? See

What happens during a Retül fitting session? Have a look!

Bike fit prices:

Standard bike fit (Retül 3D, on your bike) £150

Second bike (on your bike) £75

Bikes purchased for more than £1,499 from Senova Cycles include a FREE standard bike fit.


Please note

Should your bicycle need new parts to achieve the desired position (i.e. longer/shorter stem), the parts will be fitted free of charge if purchased/ordered from us on the day of fitting. Any other adjustment to your existing equipment is carried out as part of the fitting process. The bicycle is given an inspection, gears and brakes are adjusted, and it is returned to you ready to ride.