The Merida Bike Story

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In September 1972, Ike Tseng (1932–2012) a brilliant engineer and visionary founded Merida.

While visiting the USA in the early 1970’s Ike had seen a sign in the entrance to a bike shop stating that due to unacceptable quality the shop refused to repair any Taiwanese bikes.

This annoyed Ike, and in defiance he set out to realise his dream of high quality bikes “made in Taiwan”.

The factory based in Yuanlin, Taiwan was called Merida Industry Company Ltd.

The Merida name has three syllables “Me-Ri-Da” and is roughly translated as the company’s intention to manufacture only beautiful, high quality bikes enabling anybody to reach their destination as pleasantly as possible.

Ike’s leadership of Merida created a world leading factory and he played a huge part in changing the perception of Taiwan, which is now seen as the highest quality country of origin for bikes.

But Ike was not satisfied, so in 1988 he took another big step by launching the Merida brand.

2013 is our 25th anniversary, and we are justifiably proud of keeping Ike’s visions alive, manufacturing a huge range of bikes from children’s bikes to world class professional road and mountain bikes for our Lampre-Merida and Multivan-Merida riders.

After 41 years, our bikes still live up to Ike’s “Me-Ri-Da” vision. Maybe the words; “reaching their destination as pleasantly as possible” suggests soft and leisurely journeys.  But in the cutting edge of professional racing “pleasantly” could easily be swapped for “efficiently and comfortably”.  Professional riders need to reach the finish line in the best condition possible in order to win the race.

Everybody has a different journey, but anybody can benefit from a Merida.
Mr. Michael Tseng
President & CEO Merida Industry Co., Ltd.


merida. More bike.More Passion

“Countless steps are necessary until a good idea becomes a great bike. Around the world, thousands of Merida staff believe in this idea from the outset and do their best to realize its perfection.”

Daniel Schwenk, Senior R&D Manager MERIDA

When you see a Merida bicycle, you see a beautiful frame, two wheels and a selection of components.

But, what you don’t see are the many ideas cast aside, the intense discussions between designers, engineers and athletes; the prototypes ridden to the limit, and tested to destruction.

You don’t see the countless people who have an input into your new bike, the years of training and development in every role from assembly line to senior management.

The passion to build something better and more beautiful is what drives everybody at Merida.

The motto of Ike was to “move forward with passion and courage” and that pursuit of brave new ideas continues every day.

There are many questions, what do riders want? what do riders need? What is possible? Can we make it better?

You are passionate about your riding, and we are passionate about making sure that what you ride is the best it can be.



merida. More bike.More Innovation

“At Merida, our German R&D headquarters works hand in hand with the engineers and production team in Taiwan – each party contributes its special strengths. In this way, we consistently guarantee top quality for each of our technologies.”

Juergen Falke, Director of Products MERIDA

At Merida we have a long and proud tradition of innovation;  creating ground breaking and world leading bikes, of developing new production techniques to constantly improve product performance at every level.

Our philosophy has always been to work with the best partners:-  two minds are better than one.  We have partnered with German universities to test products in extreme conditions, worked with suppliers with expertise in the automototive and sporting goods industries, all in the name of pushing our understanding further and innovating more.

The launch of the Lampre-Merida pro-tour team has pushed our R&D team even harder.  To compete at the very top level on the road, they have used all the years of learning to develop a range of bikes packed with innovation.

One example is mixing carbon with flax fibres in key areas of the bike to give class leading comfort statistics, so important for long hours in the saddle.

Many  of our technologies are explained on page 10 and can be referenced by the icons.



merida. More bike.More Success

“Since 2002, I’ve always been able to rely on Merida. No matter what challenge I set myself, the bikes perform at the highest level. My current World Champion bike is the BIG.NINE – downright perfect for marathons.”

Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesjå, reigning Marathon World Champion

For over a decade Merida has been title sponsor of the Multivan Merida Biking team, providing the professional MTB riders with bikes which have won World and European Championships as well as Olympic Gold and Silver.

From 2013 we are also co-sponsors of Team Lampre-Merida, so for the first time in our 25 year history we are competing at the top level of professional MTB and road racing.

Our sponsorship is more than a marketing exercise: like in Formula 1, the demands of competing at the highest level pushes development engineers further and further as they get feedback from the competitors.

Those developments are not just for the elite athletes, their demands feed into technology that benefits all riders.

The new Big Seven hardtail has special chainstay construction to achieve greater levels of comfort, in order to preserve the Multivan Merida Biking Teams energy reserves whilst riding out of the saddle on technical descents – something that will help amateurs and professionals alike.

Our new Ride SL also carries the same comfort thinking and has extra space for 28mm tyres, just what the Lampre Merida team need on cobbled classics in Belgium but also ideal for anybody wanting high performance and comfort for long hours in the saddle.

The efforts of our professional athletes deliver sporting success, but also drive our product success. The trickle down of their race winning technology makes better bikes for all of us.




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